I just updated my terraria D: after that i don’t have the same server as the server and TSGE T^T v1.2.3.1 help me plz D: i wan to playyy!!!

First, calm down. Second, you can either just wait or download an older(albeit pirated) version from somewhere on the internet. Back when I had a pirated copy I usally got new updates from youtube, so your best bet might be there. Unless you are so very against pirating that is what I would do.

i have no idea what you are saying other than the first one, but i want the link from what you’re talking about “download”

Just search youtube “terraria 1.2.3 free download” or something, and youll find something soon enough(hopefully)

Alternatively in you can make a backup of your current version so you wont have to do this in the future.

Much fail. Very illegal. Such update. Wow. So download. Torrents pls. Wow.

You just contradicted yourself…