Grace Period

I’m mainly making this as a response to something Fierce Deity was talking about with Rofle. I think its a good solution to what their conversation was about.

How about making a grace period? This is for new players who have just joined the server and are not familiar with all of the rules yet. When you first join, you have some time where if you break a small rule (like caps spam or using a non-English language), they will just be warned through chat. Not kicked or banned. Big things however, like griefing or mods, will still lead to the same results as a person who has been playing for a long time. This way, players can learn the rules of the server, and if they break a small rule, they don’t have to worry about not being allowed on the server anymore. We could also have little messages pop up during this time, telling them that they should do /rules or read the rules online, so they’ll be reminded to go learn the rules.

I think the grace period should last for about 7 IG hours, or 7 IRL days. Whichever is easier to keep track of. That way, if a player breaks a small rule, a staff member could check how long they’ve been playing for (unless its painfully obvious they’ve been playing for a long time).

This is a great idea (or at least it is to me), that will keep a lot more guests playing on DG if they do break a small rule during the beginning. If you see any holes in this idea, please comment down below, and I’ll see if I can come up with a way to fix it.

I don’t really see the point in this. Players are warned. They get fair warnings. If they don’t comply with them it’s their faults. Why give them 7 hours of free reign?


The whole point of using “/kick” over a warning is because the player must read the message as it is in the centre of their screen and there is only one wait to get out of it. This ensures the player reads the message, and that if they disregard it, then they have chosen to disrespect Staff and the Rules.


There’s a automatic transmission if you didnt see by the “helper”, Viscous, that lets you know about the rules and the place to go to for reading them.
Any player was and will be dealt with as other players doesnt matters how old they are and who they are.


While the concept of a grace period sounds like a good idea for new players, it isn’t really useful due to the fact warnings are often given out prior to a consequence. Staff who are online will often try to reason with the player before any action is taken (unless it is hacking/advertising) so the grace period won’t be very useful and will only confuse some of the early players (in terms of their behaviour).
Also 7 in game hours is 7 minutes which is a big difference compared to 7 days. Because 1 minute in game = 1 second real time.


I meant 7 hours playing the game, which to me is IG. I know that’s a little confusing. Anyway, most people don’t think the idea is that useful, so go ahead and close the thread if you want to.