It’s been while since I’ve been on, and I’ve probably been demoted to just a normal player by now, but I just want to officially say goodbye to Dark Gaming. I just kind of got tired of Terraria, you know. I just never officially left. I just sort of faded out. But I’m probably not going to come back for a LONG time. It’s been nice working with you all in one of the most amazing games of all time, and and I shall return one day. I’ll try to visit every now and then just to see how the server is doing. But until then, goodbye…

Sincerely, your former pal

– Wyvern Squad Captain

Ah, cya old friend.

Been a pleasure working with you, look forward to seeing one day you have renewed interest in terraria.
Goodbye for now.

I didn’t really know you but bye anyway. xD This is completely unrelated but if the “gif as a profile pic” doesn’t work then why does he have a gif? ;-;

Moderators+ May have gifs as profile pictures.

Also, cya Wyvern

Warsong, Rofl has stated that that feature doesn’t function properly. That is why I said “if the ‘gif as a profile pic’ doesn’t work”. Appologies for derailing this.

WSC uploaded their picture when the method for posting it accepted any picture. For now it only accepts jpeg’s as it uses a certain method for resizing the images uploaded.

I only talked to you a couple times in-game, but you were a good staff member. Well, goodbye. :o