Global Manager?

Before I start this, I’d just like to say that I may have to get rid of this if rofl doesn’t want me posting something on this subject.

So, I’ve been serving diligently as an admin, and have grown in the server much, and met so many great friends along the way. And because of this faithful service, Rofl was talking to me about being a Gm, a global manager, which that means I will have every role on the server. And it means I will be a superadmin. The only people with this role is rofl, and tvolk (kinda) unarmedbox (not really) and Zues ( I don’t think so). So basically just rofl. And as Rofl and I were talking, he mentioned it would be easier to talk with out voices instead of typing because it is time consuming. And as you all know I am limited in my communication. This of course is a very difficult thing if I am going to be a superadmin.

So, I made this thread to ask YOU, the community if I should be a superadmin and global manager even though this communication problem is going to be hard to work around. I respect you guy’s opinion and I want it so, feel free to post, say your opinion of me, and if I should be able to become this advanced role to make the server better.

BoB, you have been nice to me since the start of me playing on this server. You are very loyal to the community, and I respect you highly. I know others do too. I believe you worked very hard for what you have now, and you deserve the next spot up. Thank you for being in inspiration! I vote yes.

I think you have worked hard to get where you are,you are a helpful person on the server and are very loyal,and often settling fights, I think you would make a great super admin despite not being able to contact much!!!I vote yes!

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Best Guy ever I hope he becomes an super admin

I am currently aiming for the same role BoB, to b honest i believe that you truely have what it takes to become a GM. Yu have good knowledge in most things and are extreamly helpful to the DG community as a whole. As far as votin gotes i would say yes in definite but at the end of tbe day its truly up to you and wbether you think yoh can achive this goal yourself.

hey connor im a helper now ahahha

Also connor, I’m not trying to steal your position, (which there is probably more spots) Rofl just said because I had some more experience, that’d I’d be first to be trained and/or get it.

I completly understand and am willin to wait, as yu said it nkt stealig beuas theres ony 1 GM that is legit in a sense. :slight_smile:

Thanks for being so great about it connor. Now for more votings and opinions.

bob you are amazing and should become one

Honestly I see no reason why u should not be a gm

BoB. You have helped me settle many fights I have with people, you never get aggravated when a new one pops up, you always help with it. You are always nice when settling fights, you never lose your temper, you simply sit there listening to all sides, then you say what you mean, and it’s over. I say you would be a great super-admin. Also, Get well soon Bro.

BoB, you have been working hard and serving our community ever since I joined (which was quite a while ago,) an I think that you really deserve this. I vote Yes!

BoB would be a great Super-Admin, I vote YEAH! xD I agree with Danny(AKA RenaldGuy) he has solved quite a few fights between people…whoze names I will not mention :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck BoB :smiley:

I think you would make a GREAT super-admin! First of all without you the server would have almost NO staff. And you are kind and nice to everyone. Sure hope you get the rank! :smiley:

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I love your name and profile pic XD.

Andr, that’s not what this thread is about, so please don’t go Off-Topic. :slight_smile:

yeah u deserve it bro Good luck :smiley: