Ghost Mobs Glitch (Zombies)

[1] : PC/Mobile
PC And Mobile.

[2] : Dimensions or Services it affects
Zombies Survival PvE on Halloween.

[3] : Your in-game account name

[4] : How often it happens
Anytime someone is laggy or when the server is laggy.

[5] : Description
Sometimes during rounds, mobs may manage to turn client sided and not on the actual server when killed. This means that a single player in the lobby is the only player who can kill it, which kind of takes forever to end the round. If the player with the ghost mob leaves, the mob dissapears, but the variable of mobs killed doesn’t increase, making it impossible to end the round no matter what you do.

[6] : Any screenshots or videos showing the bug
Picture of the map with absolutely no mobs visible even though there are still mobs.

Showing 5 mobs left to kill.


Is this normal zombies or halloween zombies?


Halloween, forgot to specify, it might be halloween specific mobs.