Gamemode Idea - Item Hunt Scramble

Maybe that name could use a bit more work…

The Items Dimension is one of the main things Dark Gaming is known for, providing access to most items in the game through chests, with the remainder, specific modifiers, and everything else in between being covered through use of the /i command. But Items as a build isn’t used for much more than that, which is why I thought this gamemode idea could change that while also providing some fun.

Hence, Item Hunt Scramble! In this idea, all players are entered into a varient of the Items room, whatever it is at the time, with that varient being completely flooded with water, what would normally be the exit warps be blocked off, and having lots more light to compensate for decreased visibility. All players are given 10 seconds of the Gills buff, 10 minutes of Night Owl and Shine buffs, and 999 Platinum Coins, with which they can move around freely before the fun begins. After the 10 seconds of Gills expire, players are given in chat a random item they must acquire through any means except for the /i command, which is disabled for the mode. The “any means” extends to finding the item in chests, buying the item from an NPC if available, or even getting the materials and crafting it using the crafting stations at the bottom, if all else fails. The moment a player collects their given item, they receive Gills again and are able to watch other players in their lobby try and find their items, or drown trying to!

Time is recorded, and a faster time to finding an item wins. If a player drowns, they fail for that round, and are put into Intermission until the next start. After all players either finish or are dead, the times (or if a player died) are posted in chat along with the item they were given to look for. DP/XP rewards would be distributed (if this mode is accepted and were to have them enabled), and then it all repeats again from the beginning; players are teleported back to the flooded Items entrance, they are given their buffs, coins, and some time to move around combined with a clear inventory, then a new item is given to everyone to search for again. The mode itself would be endless, and a lobby would only start up if a player is actively looking for one, with no player minimum. To incentivize playing well, the better ranking players gain more DP/XP, but all players still gain at least some of both so that their time isn’t wasted.

There are still a few things that might need workarounds, namely version differences as well as some items just not existing in Items. Version differences can, as of current, be compensated for through only including items up to version, due to mobile having the outdated version compared to PC, and as a result 1.4.1 items literally do not exist for mobile players, but to keep it a level playing field, PC players cannot be assigned 1.4.1 items. As for the items that aren’t in Items… uh, maybe just have them not appear, if that’s possible? If it isn’t, maybe this idea would be better for a future version of the Items Dimension that actually has every item available for a hunting frenzy. But those are the two potential problems I thought of.

That’s all for the idea. Thanks for taking the time to read this, if you did!

What does “finding it in chat” mean?

Also, interesting idea


Thanks for catching that, I meant “finding the item in chests”.