Gamemode Idea: Domination

This Gamemode idea of mine is a idea i decided to come up with, Basically think of this as a team based pvp, with 1 objective that is collective.
(if you ever played the first unreal tournament game, you know what im talking about), basically theres a central point, the 4 teams must be the first to put all 7 gems into the central point ,and keep control of it for 1 minutes, in which, Other teams will attempt to take over the central point (10 second timer for that) and basically the team with the most points wins, Here is the Catch, the 4 teams will take the others teams gems, for there team, or themselves, either way, it wont be easy, each team will have the exact weaponries, but will have different modifiers to change the name of the game.

Heres The layout: Red team is the experts on damage ,but has limited defence knowledage, blue is in the feild of Defence, but lacks proper high damage weapons, Green is able to use hooks and stealth tech, but cant engage in prolonged fights, yellow is great at ranged attacks, but cant cut it upclose.

Ok, to clear up anything else, im gonna make this central point have a clear contrast.

it will take one minute to capture, but the point in total will be 500, the amount of points for that will be 50 points, 10 minutes total for winning the game (or map). but there is one thing, for killing other people, the points will be a 3 point reward, total that up with the amount of points earned each minute, and it could work. (but the others would attempt this as well).

Also, The Teams gear is Going to be a mix of 1.2.4 weaponry and 1.3, the moblity will only be around: Rocket boots, tabi, and tiger climbing gear.

Team loadouts:

Red: shield of cthulhu, Beetle armor (melee set), Rocket Boots, Tiger Climbing Gear,Fire Gauntlets, Terra Blade, paladin’s hammer, and Shadowflame knife. (Opposer)

Blue: Solar flare armor, paladin’s shield, ankh shield, flesh knuckles, Rocket boots, Tiger Climbing Gear, True Night edge, and cutlass (Willfighter).

Green: bladetongue, scourge of the corruptor, and psycho knife, with Chlorophye armor (with mask), tiger climbing gear, rocket boots, and tabi, along with a Bat Hook. (Syton)

Yellow: hallowed set (ranged), Sniper Rifle, Grenade Launcher, Elf Melter, Ranger emblem, Tabi,sniper scope, And tiger climbing gear, and rocket boots. (Gunslinger)


  1. This is a team based pvp, the weaponary will be the same, for that team, the other teams will have different ones, based on there roles.
  2. Have a positive Sportsmanship, having a bad attitude could make you not much fun to be around.
  3. Do not spawn camp, its not cool ,and it shows just how much bad sportsmanship you have.
  4. The extent of combat knows no bounds, any tatic is allowed as long as it doenst fall under theses catagories: Camping, Spawn healings (The wimpy tatic of waiting outside the battle feild just to regain lost health), and weapon spams.
  5. Have fun (Dont cheat!)

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-Death dealer-

P.s: As of now, Avery is incharge of the constuction of the arena, but it wil have to stay tied to the gamemode theme.
(The Loadouts are a experimental idea, this is sure to change.)

5 minutes is way too long to protect it for, but otherwise great idea

5 minutes can go by in the blink of an eye. This needs a few more details, I’m not sure I fully understand what you’re trying to say. Never the less, this has my support. I always enjoy new ways to spice up Terraria.

Nite, if read correctly, Death said for “keep control of it for 1 minutes,” 5 minutes is way to long but its only for 1 minute, much more manageable i guess.

Keep this in mind, The one minute time span is bound to up the compitition and the teams greed for points, just because the time to keep it under a teams control DOESNT mean it would be easy.

It would be easier than say try to play it one game for 10 minutes, then its all about the more experienced OP pvpers who would win the game.

Sorry I didn’t see that

This change to the idea isnt too much is it?

I don’t think so. I think that cleared up any questions, at least the ones I had. I especially like the idea of each team having to use different tactics based on what “class” they are, it will be very difficult to balance them out, but I think if balance is achieved this could be an extremely fun game.

To balance this out, the gear will be mixed with 1.2.4, and some 1.3 gear., but the balance to the ones that dont do much damage would have at least some decent armor from 1.2.4 and 1.3 gear. if this helps.

It’s going to take many, many plays of this game to balance it out, PvP is extremely hard to make fair, you could write down all these ways to make it so, but when you put them into effect it’s chaos. The only way to balance it out would be to play it over and over again with different people, see what’s unfair, fix then play it again.

As of now, im not gonna work on the arena anymore, but the theme of it would stay the same.

You’ve always had unique ideas, death, but aometimes they are kind of a little bit too unique. You need to learn how to code and create your own game. Some of these ideas won’t work properly in a game like Terraria. How would we keep track of who has control of the center? How would we keep track of this “score”? Also, yiu realize that unless it’s just a free for all, you’d need upwards of 8 willing participants? It’s not a bad idea by any means… It’s just a bit of a stretch as a minigame for Terraria…

i see your point, i guess this idea is good as dead.

But the team thing can be a little hard to deal with, it would be more fun, but i dont think a dead idea would help anyway.

If it was a Free for all, it would be a slaughter house for the people trying to protect the central point.

Maybe its time i stopped thinking of unique ideas and just play the game.

Like I said, you should learn how to code and start to make your own game or something. You’ve got great ideas, you just lack the knowledge of how to code to begin with. Start thinking about that for a career goal