Fully Joined

Pleasure to meet you all Forum side and Server Side, I look forward to everything ahead.

Welcome to DG!

Welcome to dark gaming.com, enjoy your stay and have fun!

Thank you both, and I’m sure I will.


Welcome :wink: your going to have a GREAT time here! :slight_smile:
-Hello (crew)

Welcone to Dark-Gaming :slight_smile: Hope u have fun on here. I’m Renald in-game i look forward to seeing you on the server :smiley:

Likewise, I’ll be around quite a bit to haunt you all >:D so be pre-paired!

Welcome to our Community. Have fun here for as long as you wish.

If you have any questions which may require discussion you may a post a thread or otherwise directly speak to someone via a PM or the chat. We are also open to suggestions both for the server and the website. If you have one, post them in the relevant thread. ~ Good day

Thank you as well Popstarfreas, I’ll keep all of that in mind and more then likely will look into the other forums.