So recently I’ve been playing on the server doing normal things.
But occasionally when I’m playing I randomly get frozen and I can’t do anything. It’s like I’m using the Christmas hook.
Anyone know why it’s doing this?

Have you been just random? or has it been because u have been using weapons/items that can be used to grief or its just overpowered?

Weapons that almost everyone uses like the sniper rifle and tsunami that aren’t banned.

This has also been occurring on the SCC server today (it was also happening about a week or two ago and only stopped after an admin/manager rebooted the server). Using grappling hooks, a wisp in a bottle, or any projectile weapons applies the 4 debuffs (frozen/slow/weak/cursed).

hmmmm idk then try contacting the owner. Or a captain.

yes and if you join and leave the server it would temporarily stop then start again. It would also sometimes give you a permanent frozen slow weak and cursed debuff.


Now I just lost my legendary cutlass due to this issue. (I used it, hit some grass, and then got frozen and it disappeared from my hotbar) I’m probably gonna wait until this gets fixed before playing again.

I won’t wait untill this is fixed as it Is my job to help the people of our server as much as possible, however I would agree with test had I not come so close to perma ban in the past. Not taking chances I’m working my ass off for this role.