Not sure if this is done by now but from what I’ve seen it isn’t. Please lock the thread if it has.

I noticed this thread has been closed without a proper fix. This is when I take the chance to do some advertising on Commaster’s plugin, while fixing your guys’ problem with Rockets II / IV. I call it killing two birds with one shot.

Freeze Check by Commaster is a TShock plugin which’s main function is to provide players a reason for when they’re disabled by TShock. You might already have this installed. One of its functions that is easily dismissed are ItemBan checks. With it, you may check for users wielding banned items without requiring them to be used. Why is this useful? Because TShock ignores which ammo type you use, and only checks for bans in weapons, thus rendering ammo bans useless by default. If you get ItemBan checks to work, you can check the ammo slot and disable players who use explosive ammo such as Rocket II or IV as long as they’re banned using TShock’s default item ban.


Yeah the server is running Freezecheck but I’ve not updated it to the latest version. I didn’t know about the itemban feature which would prevent that so I would have to check it out.

The OP is not very clear on that function. Browsing through the posts on the same thread might help.