Forums Suggestion: Lock and Pin/Sticky the "Banned for Advertising" thread

TL ; DR: I recommend a lock and pin for the “Banned for Advertising” thread to the Terraria Server and Ban Appeals category so that any new users can see and read it when necessary. Locking the thread would prevent any further replies to it of any kind, and I believe it is deserved for the thread in question because it is very important given the current state Terraria is in.

Since Journey’s End initially released, there have been several hotfix updates, each with their own new version number to denote them. (,, etc.) As many users play on the server, some of them say one of these versions to specify talk on issues, and the strict advertising filter immediately bans them, the filter believing the stated version to be an IP address. As a result, players are being banned as a result of simply leaving the version of the game they are playing on within the public chat. To aid these players in returning to the server (if they wish to return), I recommend making certain that users are able to see the advertising ban thread, as it provides key information for making a ban appeal. By locking the thread, no one else would be able to respond, preventing anyone from doing so, since I fail to see a reason why anyone should be replying to a guide thread for a specific category.

istg if the filter bans me from the forums