[Format] Ban Appeal

The format is supplied as a template for any topic created in the Ban Appeals section, fill out the template

Post a thread in the ban-appeals section using the following format:


Failure to comply with this format or posting in the wrong section will only lengthen the time it takes to get unbanned as Staff will have to remind you to follow the format.

No Ban Link or Number

If you do not have a link or number for Q1, then your ban is either old or was automatic; instead, provide the ban reason. If your ban was automatic, then any staff member available will deal with your ban. Otherwise the staff member that banned you will.


This is an example of an appeal. Do not re-use the content of this appeal, this is merely provided for people who have no idea what they need to write and need something to get them started.

The Appeal Process


It’s important to understand that all bans are forced through the process of an appeal. All bans have no expiry date. We do this to ensure that if someone is banned, that they get a chance to read through the rules and understand why they were banned, and how they can avoid being banned in the future.

Automatic Closing

Appeals automatically close after 7 days of inactivity. This is an automated action to close appeals that are not going anywhere, either due to the Staff Member not being available to deal with it, or the person appealing not responding. Any appeal closed by this action is not considered denied or accepted.

Staff Member Assignment

Only one Staff Member will deal with your appeal directly, we encourage you to ignore any non-staff replies as any importance of the content of such posts will be highlighted by Staff Members, or the post may be deleted if it is unwarranted or breaking the forum rules. It will say on your appeal who and if anyone has been assigned. When a Staff Member is assigned that does not mean your appeal will be dealt with right away.

Response Time

This is a forum and not an instant messaging service. You should not expect any Staff to respond to or been assigned to your appeal immediately. It may takes days before your appeal gets a response/assignment. Posting replies in your appeal regarding getting a response quickly is deemed unwarranted and it may affect your chance of a successful appeal.

Staff Guidelines / Structure on dealing with appeals

If you have read other appeals or been banned before you may notice a certain structure to how appeals are handled. For example, you will notice the mention of quoting the rules. DO NOT jump the gun and include this in your topic and/or in a reply unless prompted by a Staff Member. There are requirements that must be passed and you will be prompted when it is deemed necessary to complete any given step and you may end up wasting everyone’s time by doing a step without being asked.

Getting Denied

Not every appeal will be accepted. If your appeal is denied, you should not post another appeal immediately, wait at least a few days. You should understand why your appeal was denied, and what you can do to improve your chance of an appeal next time. If you appeal exactly the same way as the previous time, it is highly unlikely that there will be any difference in outcome. If your appeal was denied and it was stated on there (by a Staff Member) that no further appeals will be accepted, then you should not post any more appeals. You should accept that your personal behaviour/goals conflict with the rules of the server and find another server/community that aligns more with what you want out of a server.