Fishing. Plain and simply stated.

Hello once again, I would like to introduce the idea of FISHING in PvP. I have thought og it as such, depending on the size of said fish depends on the amount of EXTRA POINTS of AWESOMENESS (Ape points, lovely acronym no?) you obtain. I would curious if anyone could put just a small-ish pond/pool in one of the arena and be able to fish in that area, but its a risk move since, for the obvious move, PvP is around you and you most likely will die in the first few second even if you get a fish. Now, if your get a CRATE, they give you CARNAGE RAVENGER AVENGING POINTS (Crap points, Another lovely no?) And if you obtain a potion, bam, you have a slight advantage depending on the one you obtain.

I hope to hear some critical thinking on this subject and would like to know if it will or will not be approved.

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Well considering that you can get the potions you want from the armory, the crate function isn’t that useful. Plus, what would the Ape points do?

this is a good idea but take this scenario
You’re on mirror, no ones in pvp so you just fish, get the rewards from this.
kinda op

People pvp in mirror almost every time im on XD Atleast 5-6 people

Forget i said that, i read it wrong.

Having a hard night tonight.

But you can also just goto the armory/item storage, and just get your potions and things anyway >w> I just added this (want to) to make it more challenging to a degree.

PvP is for fighting, not fishing…


Well its also a joke statement, but originaly i was leading towards adding ways to make pvp more objective based (Even though its PvP…), and too a point where something can be obtained in not only kills but small-ish rewards (Yes i also know about the DP thingies also >w>). But still, as i said before it was just a joking post.

It’s a…very intresting joke of yours, but even if it is a joke, why fishing? I mean, why not lava death traps, but after stretching across 3 blocks, it would disappear, that sounds like a much better “Joke post” :stuck_out_tongue:

Because fishing in terraria to me is a simplistic way to say, “Waste your time waiting for a box that barely has anything to being with”.

We need to start a competitive fishing league.

Oh Yeah, we should just have Rofl put ponds in the pvp arena and we throw around our fishing rods and the first one to catch a rare fish gets a short “Insta Kill” buff! Yeah Competitve fishing leage!

If i get unbanned i will join too c:

What avery said. Even though I did intend for this to be a joke thread to laugh about, I was really thinking more of this as a legitemit thing to have incorporated into PvP.

No. Not for PvP. PvP is for mindless fighting. The Competitive Terrarian Fishing League, will be about fishing. Not skill-less weapon spamming, but the incredibly difficult art of fishing, it will be 1v1, in an arena, 5 minute timer, each fish has a certain value, whomever has the most points at the end of the timer will win (points from fish values). Finally we’ll have something that requires actual skill, and not just random probability, like PvP.

Fishing will have to do with probability as well… Probably more so than PvP will…

No. You couldn’t be more wrong. Fishing is completely skill based.

Sarcasm is strong with this one

blancs right you know

Of course it’s skill based! It requires a lot of skill to sit there and wait for a tiny fish to pop up after 2 mins and only sell for 6 silver!

Gotta go with Ham w/Mayo and Mustard over here Avery. He does have a point, no pun intended, and the point system would also have to deal with crates as well since that also comes into play.