Finals and retrification

After my finals during the duration of this week I will be out of school and be able to be on the server both daylight and nighttime hours as opposed to odd hours in the middle of the night in which little to no activity happens for the duration of my two hour watch shift and monitoring period coupled with the site during that time.

Realize my brain might be fried after the tests due to the extremities experienced on my memory and otherwise brain in general. This should not be taken as a meaningless post as it’s an announcement in my part and you guys probably need to know most of this , however mundane it may seem.

On another note it was my birthday on the 29’th making me 16 years old.

Night everyone , cya in a bit. I’ll get on everyday, just know when I get out of school (finally) I’ll have my summer schedule back up and running.

all some cant wait to see you on the sever

Glad to hear this, and welcome back xD

Alright, school’s out. I’ll be on tomorrow.