Final Apology and Farewell

Hey. It has been a while.

I was really thinking over what you guys said, and giving this troll attention just isn’t productive, and I should have realized that a long time ago before I started blaming suspects with no evidence (Prime Suspect is Noi, but that doesn’t matter)

I know you guys hate me. Do I give any shits? No. Am I trans anymore? No. Will I become a neo nazi because of this? No. I just want to show improvement and get off discord for good.

The troll is on phase and saw my message about my lament on the Omori Discord, and caught up to me. I probably shouldn’t give social media any more attention, mainly because I’m so mentally ill that even if I said I had Aspergers, no one would believe me. So starting today, I am cutting off all social media, except for my YouTube. Effective Immediately.

The other day, I also removed myself from Phase, because I knew venting there would only do me worse. I finally found a way to remove myself from the discussions, so I can give you guys relief.

I suffer from anxiety and impulses due to my cognitive dysfunction and MCI. I’m finally getting treatment, but it’s so slow that I’ll probably be 30 before anything productive is done. I also am sorry for all the dumb alts I created. Feel free to hate me all you want, at least you’re not seeking me out in a group of people that used to be my friends.

So uh, sorry for making this melodramatic. Goodbye.


What happened???