[Expired] Lord Grimm's ban appeal

1 my ban is dark-gaming.com/ban/02287 which is advertising i didn’t advertise i said my ip.

2 i broke the rules unknowingly because i didn’t think ips were advertising and i did say a website name but it was this website because someone asked.

3 i think i was banned unfairly because i was answering a question and i didn’t even know i was breaking the rules and i think i should be given a a chance to go back on the server i wont break the rules again.

4 i should be aloud to go back on because i help people when they ask questions and am nice to everyone and haven’t broken a single rule on purpose and because i help people when they ask for help,
i think i should be aloud please i also promise to check if saying certain things is against the rules next time thank you for your time.

According to Rules publicly posting an outside IP is considered and advertising and is punished by an instant ban.

You must understand that not knowing rules is not an excuse. It doesn’t matter if you know the rules or not, If you break them, you’re guilty.

is there anyway i can get back on the server if not i will leave i learnt my lesson and will not ask more than once so if you want to you can unban me it doesn’t really matter that this was my favorite server and my first server it was fun while it lasted so i guess i better find another server now.

Did I say you wont get unbanned? Most of the people that appeal the ban, have their ban lifted. You just honestly answer my questions and do what I say.

you didn’t say i wont get unmanned and i looked for another server they all suck no boss arenas could you please tell me what you ant me to do.


First of all, I want you to read and understand the Rules of the server: dark-gaming.com/thread/421
Second, I want you to locate and write down the section number & point of the rules that you’ve broken. Also, quote the text here.