Everyone ignore except rofl.

Hi rofl :slight_smile: Me and my cousin have been playing TA Zero but now when we play on Torkan Passage (this only happens to me) my Megamap (zooming out) shows NOTHING. Everything is invisible but the top left map works fine. Any help? We use +nowisee and watching on.

Haha, been wanting to play that again. I have that problem… on Linux xD. You could just re-install TA: Zero. Or post it on tauniverse as a bug. Not sure why it would happen (driver update?) is it both of you with this issue?

Nope. Just me. We’re both running windows 7, his computer sucks at like 1 GHz, mine is 2.10. It looks like it’s outdated (2012)?

What’s outdated? Windows 7 is fortunately the best Windows version for TA: Zero so you shouldn’t be having any problems. I think the installer comes with a repair option? Could try that.

The ta zero game. it says alpha 3c march 2012.

No the latest one is alpha 4.

[quote=TA:Zero Page]
Newest Version

TA Zero Alpha 4 - 10/02/2013 - 115.46 MB - [ News Post | Discussion ]
Old Versions

TA Zero Alpha 3c - 11/24/2012 - 21.52 MB - [ News Post | Discussion ][/quote]

tyvm I’ll get the latest one soon, hopefully that’ll fix it.

Sorry to interrupt but Weegee you could have just pm’d Rofl. xD But anyway this is still cool. :slight_smile:

derp. good point. how am I supposed to remember the features of this website? I’m not active enough on it, it’s hard to keep getting torrented terraria versions…

The PM system was in before you were even on this site and is also a prominent feature of every site with a forum.

so? how would I know this site still had pm? you added irc and removed it like a week after…
besides the point. could you please fetch a v2 world and send it somehow? :smiley: