Enraged Duke Arena Back

So I was just collecting DP for a few server related stuff of this server. Turns out, you can now only spawn one duke at a time in the /warp duke arena. Are you serious??? I loved this arena.

Basically, the point of the EDA (Enraged Duke Arena) is to fight 10 dukes at the same time and win. I can read the sign. But the cooldown basically stops this. Why is there a cooldown? This makes having that arena there have absolutely no point except the more space. Why remove the feature that makes the EDA the EDA? And besides, how will other people farm DP? This will be a downside to bounties for server clans (which are now back).

There is suppose to be two signs, it’s possible the multi-spawn one got removed. However, duke doesn’t give the same amount it used to, EOL is the big earner now.


EOL has the same problem… Now has a cooldown too

Yes, the point is to limit how quickly people can deal damage to the boss so that the xp can be set properly.