Electrosphere Launcher doing damage in PvP

Electrosphere Launcher is banned and it does damage. It’s probably because Mini Nuke, It should be checked in other weapons that use rockets as ammo.

I don’t see the bug here. It says the projectile is banned, not the weapon. So it would make sense that the rocket projectile works because I don’t think that is banned, and neither is the weapon itself.

that was what i was about to say ;o;

The bug is that the projectile that Electrosphere Launcher generates is banned and it still does damage, Sky Dragon’s Fury and Electrosphere Launcher share the same projectile (at least based in PvP manager), the projectile is banned and disappear instantly, Sky Dragon’s Fury doesn’t do damage but Electrosphere Launcher does damage, It should not say that the projectile is banned on Electrosphere Launcher and also should not disappear instantly

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