Eh, Its just a "Short" Break

Hey Guys, so I’ve been playing as Cloud in Project T during the last… IDK how long, but I’ve gotten really bored of T and DG and I cant get interested in anything much anymore. I’ve told Rouge Alien this, but, three reason why are:

  1. When I have any ideas that I try to go or act on, I can never either get past a certain point of it, or I can’t remember what it was fully like after about 5 minutes of starting it. (Part of my bad memory)
  2. I get notice of other people doing the same thing, I go check it out, Voila look at that! even in just under construction: WA-BAM instantly better than what i had thought of. (I am very un-creative to start with anyways) and finally,
  3. Project T became just like another server I tried to go on before, but very much couldn’t like it AT ALL due to several things such as the amount of players to how the players act towards each other. And for DG, that’s just a matter of 98.7% (or roughly 3σ away from the μ, as the IM3 would say) of the people I knew from V4 are gone, except Avery, Sammich, Rofle, and the occasional treat of anyone else who decides to get on for whatever random reason to then leave about 3-15 minutes afterwards or myself having to leave when they get on. So, as the title says, ima take “short” break. So not sure when I’ll come back, unfortunately this is also the time after Knight left as well, but whatever, that’s life I suppose. :confused: Hef Fun and may the server continue to grow.

Like I said, instead of trying to make a new idea, why not try and make an old idea great again? The issue is motivation, and mind set. Don’t act like you won’t find anything good on T or DG, but instead act like you want to bring back something great, or you want to becoming something even better than you currently are on Terraria, like a better PvPer, or a better builder.

We all get burned out at some point. That’s why I picked up PvP and pixel art. Turned out I was good at one of the two. I hope you find a new thing to pick up. Until then, have as much fun as possible. See you (hopefully) soon :stuck_out_tongue:

I suffer from the same. Ask anyone here that has known me for a bit, I can take massive breaks after working on stuff. However I do have a bit of a reason: Builders get some “congrats” when they finish a build, but after that its just kinda meh. If I am going to build something, I usually want it to have a purpose. But when builders don’t get anything from the DP system, and I haven’t been approached about building things for the server (IE spawns (I don’t think I could build a spawn) or builds for /warps) that will be used frequently, its just kinda meh. Id be better spending my time elsewhere.

As for avery, good for him that he found PvP. I just cant PvP for shiet so that doesn’t help me lol.

I am planning on making another large build soon, so hopefully that will force me into more activity. But yeah, burnout is a powerful force. The more you try and resist it, the more powerful it becomes.