DTP shop glitched "member" tag

Mobile (but doesn’t matters)

Dimensions or Services it affects
Trading system page

Your in-game account name

How often it happens
Only seen today (i don’t see the shop very often)

Any screenshots or videos showing the bug

Here is a picture of the “Member title” the rarity is 1 , But it costs 1500 DP for some reason

Here is a Rarity 1 item , it costs 150 DP same that all the other items that are Rarity 1

Amd here is a rarity item 2 And it costs 1500

There are 2 possibilities
1- The DP cost of the “Member” Title its written wrong , being 1500 instead of 150

2- The rarity of the “Member” title is displayed wrong, showing 1 instead of 2