DTP Ranks

So of course there is a really tiny and really basic ranking system enabled to make sure the system is working. It is unknown when the plugin that we utilize will be updated to stop breaking and until then we will not add many Ranks as they will be unobtainable.

The current ranks consist of:

  • Marine : /ptime
    • Contriver : /more, /crefill
    • Captain : /moon, /near (these are kind of random…)
    • Predator : /b

Command Explanations:
/ptime : Set your client-time. This doesn’t affect anyone but you.
/more : Gives you a full stack of the current selected item
/moon : Sets the moon phase
/near : Gives you a list of players near you with their distance
/b : Teleports you back after you have just teleported/died

I have no idea how much DP anyone has managed to collect and so I don’t think adding more ranks will really do anything. If the database saving issue could be fixed, then the server would run fine but the plugin developer seems to think a “big” update (or w/e) which takes longer is more important and thus we all have to wait.

Until then, that is all there is.

This sounds awesome. Sorry I didn’t get this done for you, but I definitely wouldn’t have been as creative as you.

I don’t think captain should get /moon because they can abuse it and if a staff makes it day, captain could make it night.

I don’t think moon makes it night-time.

Why doesn’t the higher rank get the lower rank’s commands? (Contriver + Predator)
well predator costs more points than contriver so i think it’s higher @[email protected] i want /more D:

Um no. They’re the same tier ranks but different classes. Contriver is a builder-class and Predator is a PvP class.

Also, this is the reason people will choose to build clan-ranks. You can buy commands all into one rank. Of course, balancing will show why this may be a bad idea for many people to be in this rank.

Can you please re-promote me to helper on the forum at least? Also I think helper on the forum should be able to delete shoutbox posts that have anything inappropriate in them.

Yeah this has been happening to me too. It just says connecting and then it does nothing, but if I try to go onto another server then it works. :confused:

How do i become one of these ranks?

Right now, there is no way. Later, you will be able to rank up in the DTP page on this website.