DTP Color System

Current System

Colors are items that players can wear. The color worn affects the entire message.


Colors should be able to affect one part of a message, like the content or the tag, this adds more customizable and vibrant messages.


Instead of wearing colors, colors should be painted. Players can paint a specific amount of color on a title, keeping the original color while simultaneously applying that color to something.


Mixing is a way to craft colors. You can mix a certain percentage of color with another to form another. Such as 50% Yellow and 50% Blue.

Primary Colors

They can be bought from the shop, or received from lootboxes, unlike other colors, they’re stackable. Mixing is their main purpose.

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Violet
  • Black
  • White


The rarity on colors should be removed, the beauty of a color depends on who is looking at it, its more subjective than objective. Players should trade colors depending on how they perceive it’s beauty.

What does that mean?

I don’t think that’s a good idea. You’re suggesting adding these features for free. To me it seems better that a color applied is taken away.

This isn’t really the point of the rarity system though. The rarity system is there to introduce a variation in supply in color, rarer items are worth more simply because they are harder to come by, not because they are “better”. This means people need more DP to use these rarer items.

I was thinking, instead of representing the lifespan of a color in actual time, colors should use liquid units instead, 1 mL is the equivalent of 4 seconds, 900mL or 0.9L would be 1 hour. That color will stick to something until it is overridden or it wears off. Painting 3mL of blue onto a title would make that title
blue for 12 seconds.

I was actually unsure how the Mixing System would affect lootboxes, I was originally going for a plan where lootboxes give raw primary colors instead of complex colors, which allowed for the primary colors to have rarity, such as making purple more rare than blue, this is also where stacking primary colors came from.

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Ok the units thing would be interesting, but you’d probably have to define how mixing calculation works then.

Well if it didn’t have lifetime, how does that work when you equip it? Do you lose some units to “dye” your chat? So if you want to change, those units would be lost?

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:+1: Still currently researching a formula to mix colors


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I found a formula involving turning RGB into RYB then back into RGB,



The mixing happens while in RYB,

var yellow = [0, 255, 0];
var blue = [0, 0, 255];

var rSum = yellow[0] + blue[0]; // 0
var ySum = yellow[1] + blue[1]; // 255
var bSum = yellow[2] + blue[2]; // 255

var max = Math.max(rSum, ySum, bSum); // 255

// our new color
var green = [
    Math.floor(rSum / max) * 255, // 0 / 255 * 255 = 0 
    Math.floor(ySum / max) * 255, // 255 / 255 * 255 = 255 
    Math.floor(bSum / max) * 255  // 255 / 255 * 255 = 255 

console.log(green); // [0, 255, 255]
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