Donator Rewards

Update: This no longer applies. A new set of things will likely replace it when the new system arrives

This thread denotes what users will get when they Donate. This may change so be sure to check this thread before you donate. Note that these rewards are not permanent and may be revoked if misused. In the event of any changes to this list, any rewards of existing donators may be altered or removed; the rewards listed here are not what you have purchased, it is the Credits, the rewards are only complimentary. Additions or changes to rewards may or may not be active retrospectively.

Where does the money go?
The money received by Dark Gaming covers the expenses of the services we provide and develop, and is highly dependant on the communities funding of the server. If you like what you see and you enjoy your time here, consider extending the life of the server so that someone or you can experience it in the future. Unfortunately, Terraria’s Multiplayer community is not big and sustainment of a public server is harsh and often detrimental.

Credits is the alternate currency to DP. With Credits you can:

  • Craft any Title (even if it doesn’t exist)
  • Craft any Tag (even if it doesn’t exist)

To buy Credits, go to the DTP and click on the Credits section.

Tier 0 - Per 1 Credit (Pending implementation)
For every 1 Credit purchased you will:

  • Receive a 2.5% discount in the Item Shop (Maxes out at 25%)

Tier 1 - 3+ Credits
If you purchase 3 Credits or more, you get Donator Status!
Donator Status permits you to request two complimentary Cmd Items (R11), of which are only directly obtained via this Reward (however they may be given away rarely, in certain events).

Tier 2 - 4+ Credits (Pending implementation)
If you purchase 4 Credits or more, you will become an uninhibited Donator!
This removes most of the anti-spam automated filters, including caps, weak repetition and the removal of an autoban for trying to send an IP address (the message will be denied still. You will still need to follow the chat rules).

Tier 3 - 8+ Credits
If you purchase 8 Credits or more, you will be granted permission to apply for a loadout name. This means that an already used name, like “Mage” can be given to you if:

  • It was not made by a Donator with this status
  • It is not reserved for GameModes

You will be permitted a total of 10 successful requests. You will need to give up a previously successful requested name in order to get a new one.

Tier 4 - 10+ Credits
If you purchase 10 Credits or more, you get access to all R11 Cmd items as well as priority (VIP) building. This allows you to request an area that you want to build in that is already occupied (by a non-donator, or donator who has not been active in over a month). In the event that an area is granted, the existing structure will be moved to a different place (or extracted) and the owner will be notified of the change if they have a forum account.

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Does this apply if you have already bought credits or if you buy credits?

Yea what about previous donators? ;3;

For anyone that cares or has money:

Currently DG only has enough to cover July. If you want to keep DG running, please purchase some Credits. If that reaches below $30 when August is upon us, pretty much all DG-related services will be terminated. Main, Mirror, the Trading System, this website and Phase.

Get Credits
You can get credits here given you have logged-in to the Trading System. We keep track of all Donations, and loyal donators are rewarded.

Rofle, do you have a job?
Or is that too much work alongside college, rent/debt/loans, and managing all this?

No job. Just 2 exams each week for the next 3 weeks.

Ahh, good luck with that.
Maybe you could get a part time job or something small once you get exams done? That would definitely help you pay for all this stuff…

Also, would all this stuff make Project T go down as well?? Or is Project T run independantly of the rest of the DG servers?

The server Project T is being hosted on is backed by someone else. It’s not worth to get a job to keep this around. If people don’t want to support it and we lose all funds, then it is time to move on,

$7 more until $60 is reached. Which means July+August will be covered. Whomever donates the last amount required can get something special.

Paid off a couple months I hope. not sure how much is needed per month though

What about Phase? Do we need to pay to keep that going too?

To keep this short; Yes, Razor. If Dark-gaming were to shut down, as would Phase.

Such a shame. I would love to donate as much as possible if I had permission to give money (ey, banking is hard for a 13 year old)

How much is needed to keep DG alive again? I might donate 20 or 10 $… I have permission from my parents :smiley: I love the people of DG! Although I have left them without telling them but Tonnage is still here… Somehow! I miss you DG! <3

Recently I have managed to reduce costs. So the monthly cost of the server now is around $23. So if you donate $20, we’ve essentially got ourselves an entire month added!

Imma need some time Sir Rifle gimma a couple of days k?



Broken ‘Why?’ link : Im assuming the main goal of the link is to display the information on the first page, but instead the link takes me to the latest page of comments

I still can’t believe this post, Basically contains all the errors on earth. Grammar, Double Posted and me.