Does anyone watch these animes?

Blue Exorcist (My favorite)
Space Dandy
One Piece
These were put from my favorites :smiley: to the least favorite :3

only have seen one piece a couple times, but im more into the classics like vampire hunter D, noen gen, akira, the original few gundams

Blue Exorcist is amazing :slight_smile:

Naruto and Blue Exorcist :stuck_out_tongue:

It sucks that blue exorcist ended on its first season though ;-;

Oh also CowBoy BeBop

Kill la Kill
Soul eater
and a little bit of naruto and space dandy

I hate soul eater)’-’(

I hate soul eater)’-’(

why u h8 m8

They over do it and blast muscles onto everyone plus they even over do guns YOU CANT SHOOT ONE THOUSAND TIMES WITHOUT RELOADING D:

they’re magic duuh

You see my boy there “magic” is really steroids so thats is why my little boy there pepe’s are small and they have roid rage every say

write much?

Much write very lot to big such wow

shibe is plezd