Dev armor

So every piece of dev armor is allowed so that we can see who is hacking right? Well why is the only banned dev armor Red’s?

What are you talking about? Wearing any developer armour without debuffs is against the rules as it qualifies as using a modified client.

no you can have the armor and place it on mannequins but the only one you cant do it with is red’s armor?

Are you talking about game mechanics? In terms of the server rules, all developer armour is “banned”.

not will’s d-towns crowno’s jim’s cenx or aaron’s

Yes they all are. The rules don’t state any specific armor. It says “developer armor” which is all of those included.

i can put them on mannequins without freezing but red’s armor is the only one that freezes me when i put it on mannequins.

Well I have no idea. Maybe it’s a game mechanic.