Descriptive /help in zombies

First of all, most people I think don’t even know that .help shows a list of commands instead of /help. /help just gives a blank chat message in zombies. Second of all, it’s troubling for new players to figure out how to play zombies. There should be a descriptive /help that gives the most basic commands in playing:

  • /ability “ability” - lets you choose an ability
  • /ahelp “ability” - ability information
  • /lobby ts “player” “amount” - transfers amount of score to player
  • /shelp “sentry” information on sentry

These are the most essential commands that every zombies player should have access to. It took me way too many games and asking people to figure these commands out. Please don’t let that happen to others. The game should say how to use the ability if you choose it (so executing /ahelp ability if you use it) along with a way to toggle the message off if you’re a veteran. Let me know if I’m missing any essential commands.