[Denied] Zekrua's Unban

[Q1] dark-gaming.com/ban/48
[Q2] I wasn’t warned.
[Q3] It’s not a fair ban, because I didn’t know that building a house by someone else’s could result in a grief ban.
[Q4] 1: If I’d known building a house by someone else’s would result in a ban, I wouldn’t have done it. 2: If I can’t join, I can’t move it. 3: Why would you ban someone for building a house a certain distance from someone else’s anyway?

^That’s why you were banned. You griefed ThePunisher’s property and kept going until you were banned. I Helped you become crew a few days ago, and your already banned. I just can’t believe that. I don’t know the whole story yet so I’m not going to give you my opinion… Until then, please tell me why you did this

At first please put Ban Appeals in the section "Terraria Server Ban Appeals ".

You built your house right on Pun’s house without asking him. Removing blocks without asking is griefing, its in the rules… Every member should read it before building a house right on another house. You will have to ask ThePunisher to get unbanned, he was the person that banned you for griefing. If you want to get unbanned you have to talk to him.

Then again, Slayer, I didn’t get a notification. Such as, entering someone’s /house area. And like I said, if I don’t get unbanned, I can’t move it.

Are we really need to tell you the thing that you should’v already known?
The common sense would tell you not to touch a massive project that took someone (In that case, me) 6 days to build
and destroy part of it in couple of hours.
The 1st picture will show that you DID know that you build at my property (sign, message, “I’m not sure your flamethrower traps will work as well with my house here”) as shown at the sign picture (1st one), and you did know that its messing out with my bunker.

It’s right on top of my bunker, messing out with the flame traps and all the area around the top-western part.

As you probably see, Antams saw it too, that’s why he commented more about this topic.

Antasma was close to the building, just told him to clear from it since it was taken down.

  1. What about my stuff? Can I have it?

  2. I’ve NEVER been on a server besides this one that has had a rule like “You can’t build your house this close to someone else’s”, plus, it’d be nice to warn me first. Plus, there were 2 people who moved in there, so I need to make homes for them if you haven’t already told them how to get crew.

3: There’s a lot of characters that need resources that I can’t get in their worlds. Getting a single one of my characters banned gets all my characters banned, and I don’t know of another free item server. And the only reason I got banned is because of crew, and if I have one crew character, I likely won’t make more.

At first you lyed and you sayed you did not know this that this was Pun’s house, then you say you didn’t read the rules and then you tell him to unbann you because you knwo no other server? At first there is a map called builders workshop, you can download it and it has all items in it. Second you should read the rules before building a house and third its not your job to build houses for other peoples, i think they are able to register on this forum, you can build for them if you want and its not your job (you wont get permissions for building stuff for other peoples). Excuse me if i sound rude but we already told you many times!

Correction: At first I did NOT lie and say I didn’t know it was Pun’s house(I built it outside of the part which I thought was the only part that was closed from the area I built it in). Then I didn’t know that there were rules to read before I built a house, and third, how would they know exactly how to get crew?
Plus, the obvious question, WHERE THE HECK DO I GET THE MAP?!?!?!

You’ve only told this about 5 times. 5 isn’t many.

There were a lot of signs and i wont repeat myself.

You can open the map with “M”, if this was what you were asking about. You can tell them how to get crew if no helper is online, its not that hard.

Builders workshop: http://www.curse.com/maps/terraria/builders-workshop

The map doesn’t work on my computer, oddly enough. I was asking where to get Builder’s Workshop.

Does this really need to turn into an arguing thread?

No it isn’t. Lies aren’t forgive-able, dis-respect is either.
You won’t be un-banned due to your lie and the dis-respect. The rules were and still are basic rules: dont mess / change / destroy other houses by any means. And if it wasn’t my place, then would you think then I will let it go?
It doesnt matters who’s place it is. The crew promotion can be explained, just as Antasma and Slayer are telling players, you could help people too instead of damaging my HIVE.
2 times are already too much as I think either. There areNO WARNINGS for griefing, just as there aren’t for hacking.
This topic is now closed, player won’t be un-banned.