[Denied] VenomRar's Ban Appeal or Whatever

Q1: https://dark-gaming.com/ban/3815

Q2: Yes i did break rules knowingly by using hack clients etc and idc even i tell it but i also had unlimited mana!

Q3: It was fair and im sorry what i have done

Q4: I was drunken with my friend and i wanted to have more fun but now im regretting what i’ve done, i think i dont have more that 93 luminite left as i sold/deleted most of them after i hacked them… But im really sorry!
PS: if im going to get unbanned im going to delete my luminites for good :slight_smile:

Underaged drinking?
And I will not be accepting anymore appeals from you after you’ve lied many times and accused me of forging evidence. As you’ve said, I don’t trust you anymore.