[Denied] The Jungle King's Ban Appeal

[Q1] Provide the Ban link or number; E.G. dark-gaming.com/ban/555
[Q2] Were you warned before being banned?
[Q3] Do you think your Ban was fair? If not, please provide a reason.
[Q4] Why should we unban you?

A1: dark-gaming.com/ban/943

A2 Nope.avi

A3 No because I didn’t hack, All I found was a large base that had the remains of lava. (One person on the server said that lava was banned) Before it spilled or leaked, the entire room was filled with lava by someone else. I made a base pretty close to the lava. So when spawn got filled with lava, the wall was broke. I only found it because I wanted to work on my unprotected base. One more thing, I felt like no one knew what a roleback is.

A4 I wonder why I was accused of hacking, the fact that I found the wall missing and was instantly banned was confusing. I also had much fun for the 2 days I was on it. I was very supportive (and sadly hated) to the server and enjoyed most of my time. I was going to make a small hidden tomb but I never finished it. Another thing was the friendly members and staff. I don’t find many staff or members so friendly unlike most other servers. Most admins are abusive but not these ones.

That sums it up :stuck_out_tongue:

Just to clarify before any further action, you deny breaking the wall where the lava spilled out right?

I also had found alot of grief on the Event Center on the overworld. I rolled back the profile under your name. I had about 300-400 actions of cobalt brick randomly broken.

My only question is, I heard lava was banned from being used. But the building next to me had lava. Who made the building anyway?

Someone whom was allowed to use lava. I’m going to take it that you do not deny breaking the wall and therefore accept the consequences of the lava spilling out and destroying a ton of furniture, as well as mass griefing. One does not simply appeal such a ban in the way you have. I also think you know what you have done and that you did not realize how much we know.

You broke the wall that contained lava, you let it spill out and you pretended you knew nothing of the issue. We know what you’ve done, we do not care for any lies. The only thing I want to know here is why you even did it in the first place. And you cannot say “I thought it was protected” because you broke the entire left wall of that lava area. I think you wanted the lava to spill.

Looking back at it. Even if Rofle agrees to unban you, you would still need a few answers from me. When I was flying around in the overworked I noticed that a lot of the event center was torn up. You had tore yourself a hole into the center to get inside I presumed, so I rolled back the few minor actions. Then I circled the event center and I found a large area where you literally dug through the event center and then back up. I rolled it back and it recovered about 300 missing cobalt bricks. I don’t think that anyone can just do that on accident. What ever you have done on the server deserves severe consequences in my eyes. To add onto your troubles, it looks like Rofle doesn’t beleive you either.

Overworld* my bad there

Well I don’t really care about being banned. A funny thing is that I helped you guys figure out how the spill happened. Anyway, I have plenty of other servers that I should not attempted something that I thought was funny. Anyway have fun :smiley:

It was anything but funny, you did not help “us” figure out how the spill happened, you caused it, full stop. Not to mention you had caused further grief beyond the spill and over 500 blocks worth even after the initial roll back. You had no chance of returning to the server to begin with, not after what you had done.

Well I had no intention of unbanning you in the first place, I just wanted to hear your excuse for breaking all those things.