[Denied] The Guys helper thread

I know this will never work but I would love to be helper.

The reason I want to be helper is because I love to help people and I would love to do it in game.

I also want to be helper is so I can be know on the dark temp sever.

If you need to know about me I’m 10 in 4th grade and I have a 91 average.

I’m a German living in America if I make this I would be so happy! XD

I live in New York PA, I have a brother he’s 14.

I see all the helpers in the dark temp sever and so I would love to be helper.

You must:

  • Have been on the server for at least 4 days
  • Not have any past offences put on you (Within the last 5 days) even if they are as low as warnings
  • Have good spelling and grammar (to an extent)
  • Have a higher forum-rank than ‘New Member’
  • Be mature

You do not have good grammar to an extent.

No good grammer and not right format.

this is his third application

Oh really? So he tries for helper, moderator AND admin at the same time? What is this, a GAME to you?

Oh and also hes only been here for 2-3 days
I think he needs to stop rushing it most people who apply for helper have been here for atleast 2 weeks or a month