[Denied] Swaggyhorseshoex2's Ban Appeal

[Q1] http://dark-gaming.com/ban/3028
[Q2] I don’t think I ever used a modded client.
[Q3] Nope. I don’t think it is fair cause I do nothing and I get in trouble.
[Q4] Ok, so the staff who banned me should have proof. Solid proof showing a vid or picture of hacks. I got banned on like 30 other servers for just walking around. I found a server I have NEVER seen and got banned on forever. I got a brother that plays Dark Gaming and he is maaaaaaad about this and I am banned 2 and idk please help me staff.

Rofle will deal with this appeal once he is available, for now, I hope this sets your mind at ease as to why you were banned.

Well Swaggyhorseshoex2, it is your unlucky day. The rules state that no proof may be given unless it is grief, so you have no standing for asking of proof. However, it just so happens that an aggravated player is the one that reported you, so we have proof. Given everything in your appeal states that you are innocent, I would like you to respond with one last remark before I close this for good.

damn i wish i knew how to do that with bees knees but i don’t think that is me. like, you can moniter me and stuff and you wont find anything suspicous. anyways it is your choice to unban and I am in trouble with my mom if i dont get the ip or whaterver ban off but anyways thanks for reading my thread