[Denied] SmurfBoi's Ban Appeal

[Q1] http://dark-gaming.com/ban/3834

[Q2] No

[Q3] No because I reported this glitch on the support page after I found out

[Q4] It was unintentional I deleted 1 of my cellphones so PLS unban me :frowning:

It Was stated: Modified client in survival /abuse of exploits to cheat in several cell phones which were given out to other players.


Reporting an exploit does not exempt you from the rules and therefore allow you to do it, and as stated,

You are aware of the rules since you have read the rules just a few days ago in your prior appeal, but despite your enlightenment, you still claim your exploitation to be unfair. You also gave out the cheated cell phones to other players in survival.

And for your “report” that it was a “glitch” [quote=SmurfBoi in “Cell Phone Glitch”]Apparently there is a glitch about the Cell Phone. If you have a cell phone with you at the rift and go to the survival server and use it there is a chance that it will stay with you and even duplicate. I have no video/photo proof of it.[/quote]
Again, this does not excuse you from the rules. Nor do I believe you at all that this was how you obtained the cell phones. The ssc - dimensions inventory override glitch does not behave as you had described, nor had you repeatedly logged in and logged out at the time, but you leisurely remained in spawn whilst cheating in cell phones. The glitch I have found, and tested with other players so that it is reproducible, is very difficult to perform many times in a row, especially for the exact same item. But of course, [quote=SmurfBoi] I have no video/photo proof of it.[/quote] so how else am I to believe you, other than your word? Do read §5.2 which you clearly did not bother seeing, as with the rest of the rules.
And even if you were ‘honest’ and you did indeed use exploits, breaking the rules you are to abide by immediately after a prior appeal does not invoke thoughts of accepting you back so readily.
I will be critical on anyone that is caught using hacks as its very much so a conscious decision against what I consider “common sense” and any effort to read the rules. Having to ban 3+ hackers on survival on a daily basis would be my biggest cause.

*Postscript: You also made 2-3 other accounts, which is also against the rules, which you clearly had thoughtlessly skimmed for few moments for your appeal.