[Denied] Shitty's ban appeal

Q1: Dark-gaming.com/ban/1582

Q2: Yes,i was to lazy to create a new character

Q3:I was banned fairly because the sever gave me 3 warnings

Q4:I apologize for whomever saw my inapropriate and vulgar name and I will promise to never do such a thing again.

ThePunisher will deal with this appeal when he is available as he is the one who banned you.

make sure that such thing will not happen again,
as being lazy (here or IRL) isn’t the best idea.
Read over the rules of the server at https://dark-gaming.com/thread/dark-gaming-terraria-server-rules.421
and tell me if you read and if there’s something there that you don’t understand.
Once you understood all of the rules, you automatically agree not to take any offense / unfair advantage
on the server.


Denied due to that the account failed to respond, therefore it isn’t unbanned.
If you will want to unban, open a new appeal topic.