[Denied] Senpai_Eren's Helper application

[Q1] My in-game name is Senpai_Eren.

[Q2] I am on the server for 5-7 hours.

[Q3] I want become a helper to help players and staff with their problems and builds. I also want to learn more about the server and use it to help other people then me.

[Q4] I am in 5th grade and I play rpg and mmo type of games. I am a very social person with other people and I love to meet people with the same hobby.

+3 senpai has good grammar he doesn’t hack and he is a good companion

xD you can only +1 but nice job anyway Senpai. +1 Good app and a useful person on the server.

wow senpai nice write more will be good but any why awsome 1+

When do I become a helper

They made a +1 deal?

no it was someone else

This is very short, and could be written better. You said you are on ‘5-7 hours’. Is that per day? Per week? In total? Anyways, I don’t think I can +1 this, sorry.

I have to agree with Tvolk on this for once :stuck_out_tongue:
It is very short but…
I do know you in game and you seem like you are a nice and helpful guy/girl
so +1 for me good luck

+1 Senpai’s app is good. He has good grammar from the looks and he has a great reason to become a helper.
I feel that he deserves this .


Thank you all

Unfortunately, this application has been denied. Question two was not answered properly, the grammar was not excellent, and it was all around just too short. Sorry, this thread is now locked.