[Denied] Senpai_Eren 2nd application for Helper

[Q1] Hello my in-game name is Senpai_Eren
[Q2] I am on the server 5-7 hours per day but monday - thursday I may not be on because of School
[Q3] I want to be a Helper for the server. I will be the type of helper that would always try to help the server and make it a better place. For me a helper is a person who never gives up and try to make a diffrent for everyone, A good diffrent. I will help every single person to make the server a better place. I want to learn and help from other staffs.
[Q4] My real name is Jimmy. I am a 5th grader that is social with everyone. I am a 10 years old and is friends with AnimatedGeek in real life.
I am a Vietnamese kid that know little bit of languages. I like to play Rpgs and MMOs. My hobby is to play tcg or trading card games. I also like anime. Some of my favorite anime is Sword Art Online, Attack on Titan, and Cardfight Vanguard. I got my in-game name Senpai_Eren by adding the japanesse word Senpai that mean leader, teacher, ect and Eren the main character name in Attack on Titan. I live in Greensboro, North Carolina in the United States. I go to a after school learning place named ACES.

Well that is all i hope you all a great year and good luck to the people who are trying to become a helper. :smiley:
Thank you all for reading my Application for a helper and good bye.

Please wait a week before posting another application

Ok :frowning:

So is something gonna happen

1+ good grammar and good job following the format

Please wait two weeks until you post an app for now this app will be ignored. Until the two weeks is up.

very nice app, +1, I think Senpai would be a great helper, and ik this will have to wait

Did you not listen to perky she just said wait 2 weeks

I didnt do anything?

Not you the other character that I so far do not like regiedit

Oh ok

it’s been two weeks hasn’t it?

This application has been denied due to inactivity (based on the site).