[Denied] Please Unban me

Why Were You Banned ?
“Greifing” Bob’s House

When were you banned ?
July 6th around 6:45

How Long Have You Been Banned ?
about 45-60 minutes

Where Were You When You Were Banned ?
I was at MrSandwichZ pixel art

Who Banned You ?

Do You Think Your Ban Was unfair?
I think It was fair but not permanently. Seeing as you can just put everything back.

Why Should We Unban you ?
Because I have learned my lesson. I know how annoying greifing can be and I feel terrible for my acts I have committed. They were a one time thing and I can promise it will never happen again. I am Very deeply and truly sorry for and inconveniences this may have caused. Please consider my plea. Once again I am very sorry for what I have done.

Yes I was the one that banned you.


You have greifed many things. My house, STS’s building, another building with tower’s adding up to around 4,000 blocks griefed. I know this is my decision but other staff members opinion before I make my choice?

Also the reason we ban permanently is because when someone greifs we do not want them coming back to grief more things.

Fix dem please.
Also I have some candy:

What do you mean fix the I did the thing.

Uh thats not exactly the best reason. Should I destroy your computer seeing as you can put it back together? No? That kind of logic isn’t one we want used on the server.

BoB they’re broken, you need to have the exact img link.

umm well my computer cost lots of money and pressing a couple buttons to put everything back doesnt

The point is to use img tags to display images. Use links otherwise.

Actually it does. It costs money to run the server. Nothing is free; someone has to pay. And no that’s a lie. It costs only energy to put back your PC if I take it apart…

So If I want the display the image what do I do?

If you still don’t understand:
You think its fine that you break several creations that took hard work? You like to be mean and cripple the better? You think its OK that you break the rules defined? You think its ok that people suffer? Are you even normal?

BoB use the direct image link. go to the steam page, right click image, copy image location/link

rofle once said he runs the server for free. and you said deystroy my computer not takeing apart. and if it did cost money it doesnt make it cost more because i rremoved some virtual blocks

Yes it does actually. History uses more energy and so more money for electricity to process that information.

k well destroying my comp cost $800 and the extra electricity about 15 cents

k well destroying my comp cost $800 and the extra electricity about 15 cents

k well destroying my comp cost $800 and the extra electricity about 15 cents

k well destroying my comp cost $800 and the extra electricity about 15 cents

Wrong and wrong. Wow. Can you please read? Destroying can mean breaking apart. It costs only energy to fix your PC.

de·stroy [dih-stroi] Show IPA
verb (used with object)
to reduce (an object) to useless fragments, a useless form, or remains, as by rending, burning, or dissolving; injure beyond repair or renewal; demolish; ruin; annihilate.
to put an end to; extinguish.
to kill; slay.
to render ineffective or useless; nullify; neutralize; invalidate.
to defeat completely.

Look this up : v. To tear down or break up; demolish. hmm… Destroy; bingo I win;
You’re obviously not here to get unbanned but show how much you like griefing. Sorry but, thats not how we roll. Move along…