[Denied] Oldman Ban appeal :'(

[Q1] Provide the Ban link or number; E.G. dark-gaming.com/ban/555

[Q2] Were you warned before being banned?
No, but I’ve read the rules and I know this is intended.

[Q3] Do you think your Ban was fair? If not, please provide a reason.
It was certainly fair.

[Q4] Why should we unban you?
I would like to start by apologizing to whomever was affected by my dubious actions; I’m sincerely sorry I use dev wings
and Im so stupid using dev wing on this dark gaming server,and i will promise not to wear it again.I realize my actions.
were undoubtedly in violation of the rules.There is no greater shame for me than to show up here begging for my pass
back into the server.I am to blame and I am the one who will take responsibility for the actions and I will try my hardest to persuade you that I mean no harm and that my actions were those of a self that I will never give light to again. I’ve read the rules several times over in hope to reclaim my dignity and I can only hope that I will be unbanned.

Hmm… you regret that.
But isn’t correct to unban you because most players was banned for this reason.
I think the rules is rules.

As long as he shows the person who banned him that he is sorry, and promises not to do it again, he will probably be unbanned. If he does again, we can always re-ban him.

I recognise my writing style; my ban appeal. You should really have searched synonyms up for some of the words. While it is a little better then some of these people do, you should at least go all the way and craft it with some differentiation.

Rofle mentioned it, and it’s about 1:1 to his “ban appeal”.
you weren’t even putting time into the appeal and you just copied all of it,
even without the bolding BBCode, which is really ridiculous.
Do you really think that we are stupid, and that we don’t see what you actually put beyond the social armor the dev armor? Some of us forgot stuff that you never knew, we all see that you put a “great work” into this one, thinking that we are stupid or something like that.
(Thanks Mai for the report)

No respond, so no un-ban, he/she wasn’t even paying attention.