[Denied] My helper thread (the guy9's)

Hello I’ll now do all questions!

Q 1 tell us your game name: My terraria “gamer tag” is Mr. mandudeguy just call me mr. man.

Q 2 why do you want to be helper: I want to be helper because I help people I.R.L (in real life) so I want to do it in game.

Q 3 tell us about yourself: I’ m a ten year old German living in America, and I have very good grades in school.

Oh and keep reading to find out more!

Q 4 how often are you on the sever: I’m on the dark temp sever a lot but not much at least 1- 2 hours a day but not on Wednesday or or weekends.

More about me!!

I’m 10 I live in New York I have a school average of 91 and a a bad Dell lap top

I’m in forth grade I have a G.F. (Girl friend) I wont tell you her name.

My favorite game is Skyrim. And my favorite class is Mage.

I have to end the post here because my lap top is gliching!

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Too short and you already made like 4 and they all got denied this is not a game also I have rarely see you on I think only one time.
-edit- you edited it and made it a little longer but it still pretty short

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no but raelly my laptop is gliching! and I don’t care for your vote perky

and the reason it was short was so I can see what I need left

and I wont stop until it works!

also inferno did at least as much as me at least more but not much more

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You aren’t even crew which is necessary.
You signed on to ask about your app and then left. Plus I’m being told you spam your applications so I’m giving you a -1

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There is not enough here to make this even worth CONSIDERING. -1

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No such user Mr. mandudeguy.

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