[Denied] Mungoman01's application for helper

Hello people I am here to say that I’ve been on the server for over months a time as Mungoman01. I’m usually on the server alot of the time and have been told i should become a helper. people I’ve helped out with things will support this and i’ve already as a crew been and spent time with some admin’s and moderator’s alike. I’m a generous, kind and someone people like to be with for dark gaming we are a team that will always be united and it’s always a blast to see every one to respect this choice. Thank you if you have read this application and PLEASE +1 this . Thank you

You’re Missing a few commas and punctuation, but your app is a little off format. Once formatting is fixed, +1 though :3

Though the format and grammar is a bit off, I think I’ll still give this +1.

This doesn’t really follow the format. Not really easy to mark this.

Due to no update of the OP, this application has been denied.