[Denied] Minun for...admin

Requirements check:

  • Be at least a second-level staff member: Yup
  • Know more-advanced tShock commands: Yup
  • Have at least 4 weeks experience as a Moderator (Collectively): Not sure if you count the 2-month haitus as a “this user has left” period, but if you dont, then yup.
  • Have the game on Steam: Yup.
  • Have completed at least 3 training sessions (Please see me or Tvolk131 on this): I dont know if I still need those though, if I do please tell me and suspend it until those sessions are done.

[Q1] Why would you like to be an Admin?
I know this isnt a good one, but because I want to futher help out the server. Yeah. Thats really it. Sorry.

[Q2] At present, what would you rate your effectiveness as a staff member out of 10? (Include your activity, appropriate bans, warnings, positive responses and other related things into account)
7.5. I have recently given some unfair bans(which have been undone), and I went on haitus for over 2 months, but other than that I guess Ive done good.

[Q3] If another staff member was trolling/annoying someone or a group of people in such a way that could be deemed inappropriate, what would you do?
Heavy warning. If they dont stop immediately then a demote would follow.

[Q4] If you was asked to watch over the server for 5 days, with almost all permissions granted, how would you do it?
Like I did as usual, I guess, but more active than usual(if I can).

[Q5] What would you do in the following situation (Include detail as to each point you’d address)? :
2 members and 2 Moderators are arguing. The members claim that both Moderators have been annoying them for reasons which cannot be proven and such have reason to believe that they have done nothing wrong but are still being punished for it. One of the Moderators is telling one of the members to ‘shut up’ and is muting them mid-argument. The other is spewing casual responses such as ‘yea’ and ‘I agree’. Meanwhile the other member is trying to get his point across to no avail. The Moderators claim that these members have been breaking some rules. Including: Using CAPS on one of his messages, swearing at them and griefing. The Moderators say they haven’t yet checked if they’d griefed but some people were reporting them to have.
I would tell them that griefing is an instant ban if they have proof, be that a picture of the act or a /history report, and also that the fact that they are staff does not grant them the right to disrespect players below their rank. And I would also point out that using CAPS would result in a warning, and if they dont stop a mute for 10 minutes, another mute for 10 minutes, and finally a ban if they just wont stop. Then, if the mods would just continue arguing, a demote would follow.

[Q6] Write a short paragraph explaining your experience at Dark Gaming and what you have learnt since you first joined.
Though one. I first joined back somewhere around 1.1.2 after the stop of development was announced, when the server was listed as LovelyWorld on terraria-server-list.com. I made this town called SkyVille, and then went on haitus for like 6 months. I came back after I got banned from another server for a very stupid reason(going afk), and apparently the map was reset, and I lost my town. I got to know the server better, applied for moderator, and a few months later I went on another haitus for about 2 months. I came back, and not much has changed, and now Im here, applying for admin lol. Ive sure learned a lot, including the ever-growing amount of assholes in the world, and the rest of the staff(the friendly staff. Theyre not assholes), and the players.

This app is… A little wierd.

Well in this app you stated that you had some unfair bans. I had witnessed one of these. You banned a guy for spawning bosses at spawn, without giving him a warning not to do so btw. I had to unban him. Also in my post above you used profanity in your app; do you think that, that is appropriate? Buuuuuuuut I like you and you seem to be good on the server (most of the time) Sooo +1 :slight_smile:

I liked the app, and even though you banned me for no reason, I’ll put that behind me and say +1.

Minun even though you can be rude, mean, etc
You are still a very helpful person on the server and you are on a lot
Also you are a good friend (To some people :P)
I think you deserve to be an admin +1

mind if I just remove all the off topic posts and go on with the app
Edit: Done

Uhh those posts were key to rofl assessing this

Don’t worry. As the omniscient Admin, I see all posts regardless of their deletion.

wait, so…those posts are not actually deleted, just permanently hidden?

Yes. Permanent deletion is a bad idea. It is best to mark them as deleted and only accessible from the core.

I never saw this staffmember for along time he doesnt seem active to me on forums and just comes back with a app
-1 for me (for now atill im proved wrong for my reason^)

Im a she.

They never understand that there are ALSO girls on this server, do they?

I don’t even know who this is …

I thought this was the admin Minun that had picture of Minun

Im gonna have to give you a -1 though… You can’t come back from being gone for 2 months and just apply for a rank up…

If you were to compare this to a job it’d be like leaving for 2 months then coming back and expecting a raise. I think everyone would like you to become more active before you are given a new rank

Inactivity pretty much shows that you’re not consistent. Inconsistency is not a attribute of an Admin. Denied.

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