[Denied] lol173821's ban appeal.

So when i was playing a hacker was in the game apparently and he gave me some moon lord gear. How was i supposed to know he was hacking i was only playing the game. I also was part of 3 moon lord events so I thought they were also part of it too

Your appeal does not follow the correct format.

Ok I’m sorry what do you want me to say I learned my lesson I won’t pick up hacked item. I really love this server and it is the only reason I play terraria. I will do anything to play again or I’ll just quit terraria I guess

Keeping and/or using hacked items is against the rules. Like how one shouldn’t knowingly use stolen money from a bank robber with the justification that they aren’t the robber. All cheated items need to be deleted immediately, else it can result in a purging of all cheated items (and possibly legitimate items that cannot be differentiated from what was cheated), your entire character being reset, or in your case, a ban.
Do you understand why you were banned?

Ok I understand why I was banned and i’m sorry. I just want to play at dark gaming I won’t pick up hacked items

Read all of the rules here and copy exactly the rule(s) you broke.
Appeal denied: No response within 3 weeks. Start a new appeal if you’ve come back.