[Denied] KevinPolo's 2nd Helper Application

In Game Name: KevinPolo

How often are you on the server: Sometimes

Why would you want to be Helper: To be a helpful part of the community

Will you prioritize helping others and answering questions over things: Yes

Do you think you have sufficent knowledge to answer many questions that are put into you: Yes

Tell us about you: I am a really nice and good person and i am really good at being a grief watcher

you have to wait 2 weeks before applying again… I learned it the hard way

and I’m in a good mood so I won’t -1 but next time actually read what a helper does and don’t answer questions with ‘yes’

I agree with Swaggy. Also this is too short for me. No effort.

No effort -denied

Uh Bvery if you are going to deny an app I suggest you take the format procedure of also editing the title.