[Denied] helper application

New Member

[Q1] My in game name is NightSlayerGrim

[Q2] I’m on the server from about 3pm-10pm everyday

[Q3] I want to be a helper so I can help others with questions they need answered, I want them to know they can come to me with any issues they are having and have them resolved.

[Q4] In real life my name is Ron I’m 17 and live in Oregon. I’m currently in High school but I want to go to AI college to study graphics design and art so I can help create a video game one day that everyone can enjoy together like terraria.

People I know higher ranked on server:

Not right format.

wrong format lol

is it correct now ?


did I make the position or have you not decided no rush take all the time you need i’m just curious

you need to wait for people to “+1” your app 3 times, from different people. they also need a reason for the +1,

Though it lacked a little writing, you seem like a reasonable helper for the server. +1

Try to not post double’s my friend >_>. +1… And make it a little bit longer next time.

chaos put a +1 on my other copy he meant to put it on this one that’s 3 +1 :smiley: so did I make it

You must:

  • Have a higher forum-rank than ‘New Member’

Need more time on forums.

-1. requirements not met.

darn :frowning: ive been on the server awhile just recently joined website :frowning:

how long does it take to get past new

It takes like 20+ posts I think

to become active ?

wow im still not an active member and ive been around for awhile

20 to be ‘member’ 75 to be ‘new member’


how do I get that many posts ive been on for awhile and I go on the server everyday just sucks that it says im new on the site

above new member is no longer a requirement Night. Ask any of the admins/super admins, even Rofl

Rofl is a superadmin although he is the owner.