[Denied] Epic's Admin Application

You must:

  • Be at least a second-level staff member :heavy_check_mark:
  • Know more-advanced tShock commands :heavy_check_mark:
  • Have at least 2 weeks experience as a Moderator (Collectively) :heavy_check_mark:
  • Have the game on Steam :heavy_check_mark:
  • Have completed at least 3 training sessions (This will be a requirement in the future) :heavy_multiplication_x: (Since requirement in the future)

[Q1] Why would you like to be an Admin? I would like to be an admin because I have been helping players alot while moderator rank and I think I can advance up in the rankings and levels to help a greater amount. I always love helping people in many ways and help reduce the amount of grief and griefers there are.

[Q2] At present, what would you rate your effectiveness as a staff member out of 10? (Include your activity, appropriate bans, warnings, positive responses and other related things into account) I would give myself a 7 out of 10 because I am an effective moderator and I was always active being online about 2+ hours every day. I have banned some people as a moderator because those people have griefed or hacked or used/said anything that is racist or that is part of racism.

[Q3] If another staff member was trolling/annoying someone or a group of people in such a way that could be deemed inappropriate, what would you do? I would tell that staff member to stop and if they don’t stop after 3 warnings, I will warn a higher level staff member about it to get the problem fixed or sorted out.

[Q4] If you was were asked to watch over the server for 5 days, with almost all permissions granted, how would you do it? I would be online for those 5 days to make sure nothing goes wrong or screws up. I would check for grief and if someone griefed, I would ban that(those) player(s) and make sure that there isn’t any more grief. I would also stop players from spamming the chat or hacking by warning them to stop spamming or turn off the hacks, then I would warn 1 more time, then I would kick, then kick again, then if they still don’t stop, I will ban them.

[Q5] What would you do in the following situation (Include detail as to each point you’d address)? :
2 members and 2 Moderators are arguing. The members claim that both Moderators have been annoying them for reasons which cannot be proven and such have reason to believe that they have done nothing wrong but are still being punished for it. One of the Moderators is telling one of the members to ‘shut up’ and is muting them mid-argument. The other is spewing casual responses such as ‘yea’ and ‘I agree’. Meanwhile the other member is trying to get his point across to no avail. The Moderators claim that these members have been breaking some rules. Including: Using CAPS on one of his messages, swearing at them and griefing. The Moderators say they haven’t yet checked if they’d griefed but some people were reporting them to have.
I would tell them all to calm down and let me hear everyone’s story one at a time. Then I would ask the members if they admit they used caps and was swearing. If they admit it, I would warn them not to do it since it is against some of the chat rules. If they don’t admit it, I would see if they use caps again or swear again. If they do, I would mute them for 3 minutes. Then I would ask other players if they saw the members grief, use caps, or swear. Then I would tell the members that they broke the rules and I would probably kick them for lying to staff. Then I would tell the 2 moderators that they need to warn before muting and that they need to listen to both of the members stories.

[Q6] Write a short paragraph explaining your experience at Dark Gaming and what you have learnt since you first joined. I first joined Dark Gaming around January 2013 or around March 2013. I was playing as gdfgdfgdf26 and then over that summer, I didn’t play terraria at all. Then around July 2013, I joined the Dark Gaming website as Hidden Pirate and I was playing on the server as Melee Pirate then I changed my name to MarioMelee Pirate because my character was dressed like Mario and I used Flower of Fire. Then around mid-August 2013, I joined Dark Gaming Terraria Server as Epic_Boss_Man. I chose the name Epic_Boss_Man because on another server, there was plots an my name was Epic Boss Man so then i changed it to Epic_Boss_Man so it didn’t have spaces. Then around early-September, I applied for Moderator and then around Mid-October, I got moderator rank. I have always had a fun experience on Dark Gaming.


This is very well written. Good job. +1


You are a first level staff member (Helper). And your ban reasons are inappropriate. Seriously, why would you ban someone for “you suck”?


Oh yeah, I forogot I’m helper. I thought i got moderator




… Lets all look at Epic’s last post on his “I want to be deleted app”

"Hey Guys. I just wanted to let you all know, that I AM STAYING! BUT, I will be very INACTIVE on the Terraria server. I just wanted to let you guys know that.

The reason why I will not be playing Terraria very much is because of Garry’s Mod (I call it GMod) If you have this game, I would be glad to let you play with me on it."
Yesterday, 12:51 pm

Yea… great idea thinking you could get admin… -.-


I still play terraria, only on mariosplat33’s server where I have ownership of the server even tho mariosplat33 made it


This application has been denied because its blatantly obvious that you neither want to be staff or care.