[Denied] don know what ive done

hello pls can you tell me what i have done i haven’t done anything i got all my accessories off people on the server and myself and i wasn’t affected by the tongue because the wall of flesh was glitched out for me and all i could see were his map icon and one of his eyes pls can i be unbanned i haven’t done anything wrong and i have really been enjoying this server today and i promised i wouldn’t hack and i haven’t hacked today or anytime on the server that you have unbanned me
pls i really dont know what you mean when you said i was hacking i haven’t hacked once since you have unbanned me pls man.:frowning:

i really really dont understand. and i haven’t used any of my or any other hacked clients and i especially have cheated since i promised you i wouldn’t pls can i be unbanned

99 demon hearts

Appeal denied as you used your modified client on the same day after appealing: nothing more to be said.
And the ban appeal format needs to be followed.