[Denied] bbuugg's Ban Appeal

q1 my ban is 3888
q2 ididnot break the rules knowingly
q3 I don’t

think It was fair
because I was not
q4 as not hacking
my ingame name in bbuugg

This is incorrect. Your ban ID is dark-gaming.com/ban/3338.

Although I am in no way required to provide proof for any ban I make, I just so happen to have some (albeit in low resolution due to mass storage).

This is your inventory, with what is an obviously illegitimate amount of souls.

How do you have these items then? And why did you keep them?

I was given them while I was in school

I did not know they were hacked

You didn’t know that 9 stacks of 999 souls were hacked?

I want you to read through the entirety of The Rules. Tell me when you have done so.

can I just read the hacking area


what if more than 1 person gave it to me

Denied due to apparent lack of effort. Feel free to make another appeal later.