[Denied] Ban appeal

Hi my name is Dragoneteur and i’m banned

Why i’m banned ?

I griefied a house in the server.

how long i’m banned ?

1 month and 6 day.

Who banned me ?

a member of the staff named donuts.

I think my ban is unfair?


Why should we unban you?

I have long been on this server and I had many friends.
it was my first server on terraria and I took everything would go back

Please unban me

This is what you broke:

This is the aftermath:

It’s 132 actions because you went along the highway and broke the minecart track. You have not been banned for a month.
Why did you grief?

There is more pictures. I’ll edit this post as well with them in a sec. Your broke a lot of the minecart tracks that probably took quite long to place down.

I don’t really see why you should be unbanned. 132+ blocks is a lot and you haven’t really put effort into this. I’d like to see Rofle’s proof though. Ok, I just want a reply from as to why you did it and after you reply, I’ll make my decision.

Also; read the https://dark-gaming.com/thread/dark-gaming-terraria-server-rules.421. Read through them thoroughly and make sure you know every detail.

After you’ve done that, you have to promise Donuts and I that you won’t grief again and you won’t break any of the rules listed in that thread. Convince Donuts and I that you really are sorry for griefing and that you won’t do it again.

why i griefied ? i don’t no ! i’m bored but seriously escuse me for my grief i never did that again

You were bored? That’s the excuse?

i don’t have more escuse…

You seem to not be able to spell either even when someone spells it right in-front of you. Neither that but it seems that you don’t really care much about your ban seeing as my questions are longer than your answers.

Unfortunately I am not convinced that you won’t grief again. Being bored is not an excuse for griefing. There are a variety of things to do on the server and even in real life. When you are bored you can’t purposefully break things. Others can’t always clean up your mess. I am denying this.

so i’m banned…forever?

Well it’s not like you care about it right? You didn’t write any more than one reason to be unbanned and neither did you write more than one line is response.