[Denied] Aztopa's Fabsol appeal

[Q1]I’m not fabsol, but I’m representing him. Ban link http://dark-gaming.com/ban/4615
[Q2]The subject broke 7 rules in total,2 knowingly which are shadow dodge using /permabuff and /tp in pvp,another player used /permabuff and staff gave them a way to fix that instead of warn/ban them,/tp was used irresponsibly, fabsol was too loose to move on the arena (Saying it takes too long).
[Q3]Rules are incomplete/ hollow/ or non-existent,i have been playing for a year and there are rules that i do not know and that are not written,staff should warn rather than assume that the person in question knows all the rules(i think that’s not fair).
[Q4]The people learn from mistakes, it will not happen again and Fabsol regrets having broken the rules.

okay why did you do this? you know doing this won’t do anything for him representing or not Solar already said no so you appealing or trying to appeal him isn’t going to do anything and it wouldn’t work regardless because he is the one that suppose to be appealing not someone trying to do it for him

Please do not reply to ban appeals, leave it to Staff.
Appeal is denied: we do not do second-hand appeals.