[Denied] Application for helper

[Q1] Hello my name is THEBOSSMAN or you can call me Chris ether or.

[Q2] Im on the server almost every day when i get to play terraria so I can help a lot of people after school hours.

[Q3 I want to be a helper because I am on the server very often I know a lot of commands and I
have very very little spelling mistakes and I am very quick to help a player in need.

[Q4] I will prioritize helping others and answering questions over other things.

[Q5] I think I can but if its WAY to hard I might just ask some one who has a lot of experience.

[Q6] I have a lot of video game knowledge and I can build computer towers witch is kind easy but when you get to the coding its HARD but I get it done. But I can do a lot of thing even find hackers well because I do it but not for bad things I only do it so I can find hackers. So there’s me.

I have never seen you help out before so I’m holding out on the bump

seriously you try for admin then helper I think u want the commands 1-

Wernt you banned EBM?

[quote=Dunder]EBM?[/quote] I would have doubt in saying this would be EBM. It is most likely someone with a similar name.


I don’t think I can +1 this… It’s poorly written, and it doesn’t seem like a whole lot of work was put into this… Sorry.

This application has been denied due to inactivity (based on the site), and no evidence of helping.